News & Updates

In this section you will find the latest news about Codrops and updates of our tutorials and scripts. If you have any requests or ideas concerning some work that you’d like to see updated, please contact us.

BookBlock Revised

By Pedro Botelho

The content flip plugin BookBlock has been updated and improved. Content can be flipped vertically and horizontally, and we've added support for RTL among other thin ... read more

Elastislide Revised

By Mary Lou

Elastislide, the responsive image carousel, has been updated and improved. It can be used vertically or horizontally and a minimun number of visible images can be sp ... read more

Slit Slider Revised

By Mary Lou

Slit Slider is a slideshow with a twist: when navigating the slides, the current one will be "cut open" into two slices and moved away, revealing the next or previou ... read more